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Convenience Classes For 

Parent Education and Family Stabilization

Take the Class at Your Location

At a Date and Time Convenient to you

To help flatten the curve and prevent being part of the problem of spreading the COVID 19 virus, we have moved our LIVE, Face to Face, Class to the ZOOM platform.


Due to PHYSICAL Distancing, all individual classes will be done in a LIVE classroom, face to face, via ZOOM. 

  • You will need to have access to a camera and microphone to take this class. 

  • We must see your face and be able to see and read your photo ID on camera to verify identity. 

  • The class is 4 hours with four 5-minute breaks. 

  • You MUST attend the FULL 4 hours [be on camera] and participate in the class via audio and chat.

  • Upon registration, you will be given links to handouts you can use for the class and as resources for your family to help you navigate getting through and past the divorce process.

  • After completion of class, your Certificates will be mailed within 24 hours.

Thank you for understanding, stay safe and help keep your family and friends safe.  

  1. Stay home when you can.

  2. Wash your hands

  3. Wash your hands

  4. Wear protective covering when you must go out. [change clothes when you return home and wash the ones you were out and about in]

  5. Wash your hands

  6. Wash your hands - did I already say that?  Well, it is that important 😊

  7. Find creative ways to be social via ZOOM and other platforms.

  8. Support friends and family by staying in contact via phone and video apps

  9. And, well, just use your imagination while most important - being kind.

Here is a valuable link to resources that will help sustain you through these times of anxiety and stress --- and CREATIVITY:

We offer Convenience Classes for individuals who prefer that option.   There is a convenience fee in addition to the $45 fee for the class.  The full cost for 1 individual is $200 and for 2 individuals it is $225


You can call and arrange a location convenient to you, your home or our office.  Most people choose to have the Convenience Class in their home. 


If you have a child and do not want to find a baby sitter while you take this mandatory 4 hour class, we will bring the class to you.  If you have physical issues and it is more convenient to participate in this class in the comfort of your home, we can bring the class to you.  If you just prefer to take the class in privacy, without a group of people in the room, the instructor can come to you. 

One of the benefits of having the Convenience Class for one or two individuals is that you have the full attention of the instructor and can comfortably ask questions and cover the parenting material in more depth than you may be able to do in a group class.


If you travel or work hours that make it inconvenient to find a regular group class, you may find that setting up a class to fit your schedule and have the class brought to you is a more effective use of your time than fitting into someone else's schedule and traveling to their location. 

We request 24 to 48 hours notice, however, if it is an emergency for you, when possible, we will accommodate same-day requests.

Convenience Classes are offered in the following counties***:

  • Hernando

  • Hillsborough

  • Pasco

  • Pinellas

  • Polk

***With the use of our LIVE Classroom, Face-to-Face, via ZOOM, we are offering these in all counties in Florida.

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