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Dissolving Procrastination, the Killer of Creativity

Recently I called a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while to catch up and she told me about Mel Robbins and the 5-Second rule…

So I went Googling around and heard some of her material. Her website is

She came up with the 5 Second Rule [book, e-mail, audio experience] which she say can

“Change any habit and have a deeper relationship with your authentic self.”

This is one of the most powerful brain hacks.

Mel says that she has learning differences such as ADHD and really bad executive functioning skills and would never want to “write”. She writes by dictating all of her material using various technologies.

In her interview, Mel Robbins on Motivating for Audiobook Success with Scott Jacobi, Audio Creative Exchange [ACX], one of the things she talks about is changing the pattern of Procrastination.

The one take away I would like to share on this short blog post is What Mel calls “The Big Creativity Killer” Procrastination and using the 5 Second Rule to dissolve it - in bullet points. Mel says the following:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO

  • Procrastination is a Habit

  • YOU are not a Procrastinator

  • You have a HABIT of procrastinating

  • Trigger – 100% stress – health, future, past, thoughts

  • Pattern

  • Payoff

  • You have a choice – continue the pattern or retrain


  • Recognize when you are stressed

  • Acknowledge

  • When you find yourself procrastinating do new self talk

  • “I must be stressed about something”

  • Link what you are stressed / worried about to the procrastination

  • Use 5 Second Rule – count 5 – 4 – 3 – 2- 1

  • Deliberately work for just 5 minutes

  • Starting is the hardest part

  • Retrain, retrain, retrain

  • 83% of people keep going once they have started

In the above referenced interview, she gives examples of being aware of when you are feeling stress and using that awareness to break the habit of procrastination. She also gives tips from her own successful experience on how you can do your own e-book and keep your rights, being passionate about what you do and how that relates to success, as well as other topics. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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