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Faustine Judd, M.A.

Faustine was introduced to Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life in the late 1990's when dealing with issues at work and in her personal life.  When you are desperate you will actually follow instructions - and the exercises in the book worked!  






She found her life changing in a positive direction so she kept reading and practicing. Faustine holds a Masters in Adult Education from the University of South Florida with many practices and classes in the helping profession such as:

  • Family Systems, based on Virginia Satir’s work,

  • Group Dynamics,

  • Listening Skills, and

  • Counseling Skills.















During the past 25 years, Faustine has both attended and facilitated workshops, seminars and study groups on various topics that can be used to change and improve an individual’s life, both professional and personal.  She has gathered material and information to share with others as well as learning transformational techniques to teach, using experiential exercises.  

Her goal is to facilitate changes in lives, not to just motivate.  “Doing” creates new neural paths and leads to true Life Changes!  Since 2000, when she trained with Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D, she has lead experiential, self-development & transformational seminars, workshops, and study groups.  A few of the classes included in this training are:

  • Stress Management,

  • Stress Management for Women,

  • Heal Your Life,

  • Achieve Your Dreams,

  • Your Ideal Life Work,

  • Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen,

and in 2008 she became certified as a Heal Your Life Personal Life Coach.

Faustine has led “life changing” classes at Bay Winds Adult Learning Center in Tampa as well as independent small study groups such as: 

  • Heal your Life, Achieve Your Dreams,

  • Hold Your Vision, and

  • How Much Joy Can You Stand?  

The Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams workshop, based on Louise Hay’s work, will help you become aware of how you may be unconsciously framing all your life and relationships.  The workshop gives you the opportunity to decide if your current beliefs, which are reflected in your behavior, serve you or hurt you. 


The experiential exercises will assist in:

  • forgiving the past and

  • live in the present,

which can allow you to create a cooperative, productive life. 


When you have choice you have power to change.

The “Hold your Vision” workshop helps individuals develop a clear goal, and focus on it to bring that “vision” to fruition.  Three tools for this are:

  • Brain storming,

  • Treasure Mapping, and

  • Mind mapping


You will be introduced to the Reticular Activating System and how to make your focus a laser beam instead of a shotgun.  
















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