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James Goeke, Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling

Jim has been in counseling and social services for most of his adult career. His years of work as a Children and Family Foster Care Counselor has given him first hand knowledge of how things can go wrong in families and what some things are that people can do to create a better life for their family. Jim has also worked extensively in vocational rehabilitation and spent several years doing substance abuse and clinical counseling. Jim has a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.

Faustine Judd, Masters in Adult Education

Faustine  is a Life Coach who has experience working with children and adolescents and their families in a psychiatric setting.  She facilitates active learning in workshops and classes that promote success in all aspects of life. 


Her philosophy is that everyone is capable of creating the life they want to live when:

  • they are afforded the opportunity to learn tools and strategies that work for them in coping with challenges 

  • learn to embrace their failures as feedback [sometimes it is just changing your point of view], 

  • are willing to ask for help

  • are willing to collaborate with others

  • empower themselves in life by taking responsibility for their part in the creation of any situation they find themselves in. . . . and

  • can forgive their self and others. 


Faustine has written a short, user friendly, book, “What you Focus on Grows”, that is scheduled to be published in 2022 providing information and strategies, based on neuroscience and growth mindset, for creating success in all aspects of life.  Included in the book is a bibliography of reference work and resources as well as links to videos.


Faustine’s Masters is in Adult Education and she completed the Family Mediation course for the state of Florida in 2019.

Yencris Ortega,  Masters in Psychology


Yencris Ortega is an Army Veteran, mother of four and a grandmother.  In 2002, Yencris began her career in the Training and Development field, guiding individuals to goal setting and personal growth.  She has worked with families and children providing safe and secure care while nurturing growth through creative play. Yencris has completed over 100 hours of Early Childhood Education and Training with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Yencris possesses a strong knowledge of the stages of emotional, cognitive, social and cultural development of children.  

With the addition of Yencris to our team, LifeAnew Resources now offers Classes in Spanish!

Yencris Ortega,  Maestria en Psicologia 

Yencris Ortega es una Veterana del U.S. Army. Ella es madre de cuatro hijos y abuela.  En 2002, Yencris comenzó su carrera en el campo de Capacitación y Desarrollo, guíando a las personas a establecer metas y crecimiento personal.  Ella ha trabajado con familias y niños brindando atención segura y formando el crecimiento del niño a través del juego creativo. Ella ha completado más de 100 horas de educación y capacitación en la primera infancia con la Oficina de Servicios para Niños y Familias. Yencris posee un fuerte conocimiento de las etapas del desarrollo emocional, cognitivo, social y cultural de los niños.

Con la incorporación de Yencris a nuestro equipo, ahora ofrecemos clases en español!

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If you are looking for an on-line class, you can find that at

NOTE:  Check with your county court attorney, paralegal or the court itself before you register for the online class. Most counties in Florida require you to take a Live, In-Person Class.  Some of the counties are Pasco, Pinellas, Desoto, and Sarasota Counties.  Unless you have permission of the court in those counties, the court will NOT accept your certificate if you take it online.  

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