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Participants comments


  • Videos very informative and moving

  • Our attitudes and actions have profound impact on children



  • Children should come first in any parenting plan

  • Would have liked to have some time to reflect on each module before moving to next, but that’s my style


JULY 2021

  • Domestic violence can be sensed by children as young as 6 months

  • Children should always come first

  • Much more informative and engaging course than expected

  • Forgiveness of self and other parent is key to moving forward for kids’ sake


JUNE 2021

  • I need to be aware that my stress can become my children’s stress

  • Simplify but be honest in discussions with children


MAY 2021

  • Learned to deal with children’s stress as well as my own

  • Information on domestic abuse and parenting plans

  • Realized impact of divorce on children is much more than originally thought


APRIL 2021

  • Learned to share emotions and acknowledge children’s feelings

  • Better understand causes behind behavior problems

  • Techniques to calmly cooperate with other parent

  • Legal aspects of divorce and custody well presented


MARCH 2021

  • Better understanding of the importance of your children

  • Resource list is extensive



  • Provided strategies for calm communication with other parent

  • Realized I am not alone in divorce and co-parenting



  • Very informative through examples and conversation

  • Level of co-parenting knowledge increased by 50%

  • All course materials made impact

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