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Handouts for the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Class

Below are PDF files with information that is covered in your class.  These can be read on line, downloaded, or printed for your convenience.  It is recommended that you only print what you really need in a hard copy form as some of the files are quite long [and it is kinder to the environment].

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Below are PDF icons of handouts for the class, double click the icon to see the file and gain access to download and/ or print. 


Above each icon is a brief description and if the material can be found on a webpage, there is a link to that page.  You may notice that some of the icons also have a link to audio below them so you can listen to the handout being read or summarized. 


In some of the documents are links to other sites, for your convenience in accessing more information and forms.

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Disclaimer - This class is only for information.


Español: Descargo de responsabilidad: esta clase es solo para información.

Here are some general Legal concepts with regard to your divorce.

Processing the feelings of loss that come with Divorce and recognizing the stages of grief.

Legal Concepts
Processing Loss

Please remember that your child/ren have 2 permanent parents.  They are not responsible for your Adult differences and they need to know that you are not divorcing them.

Permanent Parent
Stages of Development
What can Parents Do?

This is information on Developmental Stages of Childhood to help you understand why you are seeing some different behavior from children at different ages.

What can you do to help your child/ren through this upheaval in their life?  Here are some facts and suggestions.

How are you proceeding with making these transitions in your life and in the life of your child/ren?  Will you put your children first and work to collaborate with their other parent to ease the transition and continue to provide a "Family" for your child/ren?

The Law: Who Decides?
Factors the Court Considers
Abuse and Neglect

What are both parents doing to make this transition the best experience for your child/ren?  Here are some factors the court looks for.

This contains the Abuse Hotline and information on reporting as well as an explanation of exactly what is considered Abuse and neglect.

This document contains an explanation what power and control looks like and links to the website for the website with videos and illustrations of versions of the wheel for various situations.  or

Power and Control
Resources for your Family
References - PDF's

Listed in this document is a variety of resources to support your and your family through this transition period and as you create a new life for yourself

References used in compiling information in these documents.


Below is information and links to information on sharing parenting time, creating your parenting plan and many of the things you will want to consider as you plan for the best growing, family experience for your children.  I would like to emphasize "family experience" because you and your ex-spouse Are your children's family, their PERMANENT FAMILY.

Parenting Time
Florida Form - Parenting Plan
Florida 8th Dist Parenting Plan

Your children are part of both of you and they need a healthy ongoing relationship with both parents to make coping with all the changes in their life easier to handle.

While everything else is changing during

and after the divorce, knowing that those changes do not mean that they have lost one of their parents helps make the new life

seem more manageable


Florida Supreme Court Form for Parenting Plan.  This has a list of what MUST be included in your parenting plan.  Please read it carefully.  There is a sample form that you may add or subtract from AND your plan MUST comply with Florida law if your divorce is filed in Florida.

Parenting Plan Guidelines from the 8th District Court of Florida

Making CHILD-FOCUSED Parenting Decisions - This document takes you through planning for each developmental stage

This is a packet put together by Pinellas County.  Some information is specific to Pinellas as well as documents general to 6th district and some that are general to the  State of Florida.  Document dates included in the packet range from 2002 to 2018 [including the Florida Supreme Court Form for a Parenting Plan].  Check with the court to see if anything has changed.

Knowing the stress that navigating change brings, we would like to share this simple, yet effective exercise to help you relax.  If you can BREATH, you can successfully do this short Meditation.  Enjoy!


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