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Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

This page will give you a good idea of what the class is and why parents getting a divorce are required to take it.

This Court required class is an opportunity to review things you may already know about helping your family through the divorce process and possibly learn some strategies to help yourself and your children begin life anew, creating the life you choose to live.  We are here to share tools and offer support that can help everyone create an atmosphere where you Think CHILDREN First, supporting them to be creators of their own life and dreams while caring for yourself.  Self-care is important.  You must nourish yourself so you are able to share your love and strength with your children as you move forward together.


You will be introduced to recognizing your own self-talk and how it can make any situation more filled with conflict or can be directed to the benefit of your children and your peace of mind.  You will learn about taking your power back through techniques such as the use of “I” statements.

Family at a Beach

Your child is part of both you and your child’s other parent.  Your relationship with your child is permanent ----- so is the relationship they have with the other parent.  During the divorce process you will be planning not only for now but for co-parenting through graduations, celebrations of new jobs and other happy events, marriage, births, and so on, even through events in your grandchildren’s lives. 

This class is an opportunity to become introduced to strategies and resources you can use to help create a co-parenting process that works for your children and especially doesn’t make them feel like they have to choose one parent over another as these are some of the children who fare the worse in a divorce situation.  It is also an opportunity to truly understand that it is NOT the divorce that determines the outcome for your children, it is, as Dr. Tamara Afifi says, the CONFLICT

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